Bands With Two Drummers

Today, I got to interview Conrad Keely and Jason Reece from the band …and you will know us by the trail of dead (my opinion: best band name ever). In short: the interview went very well. The guys were very nice and gave genuine answers despite my apparent unprofessionalism (hey, I don’t like using tape recorders… technology makes me nervous).

If anyone is familiar with the band, you’ll know that they’ve used two simultaneous drummers for their last two albums, Worlds Apart and So Divided. While it makes for an amazing live spectacle (which may be worth it in of itself), I’m curious how multiple drummers affect an overall sound.

Trail of Dead are hardly the first band to use two drummers. Genesis and the Allman Bros. were known for their multiple percussionists, but those bands aren’t necessarily known for their musical subtlety. Indie bands like Liars (one of their albums is called Drums Not Dead) use two multiple drums to achieve tribal intensity/rawness in their music; Fugazi was also doing this during their last album The Arguement.

Any other thoughts?

Here’s Trail of Dead performing on David Letterman (Keely is singing/guitar, Reece is the left drummer)



  1. kylesa is another wonderful band with a two-drummer-onslaught!

  2. I think the best two drummer band I have ever seen is the Doobie Brothers. They have always had dual drummers and the overall sound is extra-ordinary. They never try to outdo one another quite the contrary as the play in perfect sink with witty and technically advanced fills.
    IIn my opinion no other group has come close to achieving the level of success the Doobie Brothers have made using the two drummer concept.

    • grateful dead?

      • Allman Brothers Band! Duane Allman got the idea when he played for James Brown who at one point employed nine drummers in his live band

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